Toshiba Folio 100 3G… Bad news

We was waiting for 3G version of this Android tablet,
so today I've called Toshiba presales support and they told me that unfortunatelly they will not put on the market this version (also advertised on their site).
They told me that approximatively in June they'll launch another similar product with wifi+3G connectivity, but at the moment is only an "internal" announce so the guy have no technical specs.

Stay tuned for news about.

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  1. 10:33 pm, March 7, 2011John  / Reply

    Are Toshiba serious? After releasing the heap of junk that was the Folio 100, do they honestly think we are going to be conned with their second pathetic effort?

    • 3:52 pm, March 8, 2011Umberto  / Reply

      I don’t know your experience with this product, but honestly it cost about half of a Galaxy or Ipad, and I can’t expect that I’m buying the same product….

      I hope this is better than Chinese product like APAD & co….

      thank you for your comment

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