Disable update on wordpress plugin

If you have a plugin you wan't update, and you wan't see anymore newer version the only way to disable autoupdate for this plugin if to modify the code.

Go in plugin section, then press "edit" on plugin you want disable update and go down at the end of [...] Continue Reading...

Authors needed!!!

Hi all!
I'm searching authors;
if you are interested, comments here or contact me.

Thanks for your help!

Arduino IR receiver

This is a test I've made with a TSOP2238 , an Arduino Duemilanove and my Philips TV remote.
I'm using this to change pwm value on four leds.
Next I'll post sample PDE for arduino and the rest of the project.... stay tuned.

Sorry for poor quality, but I've only my cellphone [...] Continue Reading...

Toshiba Folio 100 3G… Bad news

We was waiting for 3G version of this Android tablet,
so today I've called Toshiba presales support and they told me that unfortunatelly they will not put on the market this version (also advertised on their site).
They told me that approximatively in June they'll launch another similar product with [...] Continue Reading...

WordPress redirect

My friend Francesco (www.flussiliberi.it) was hosted on a free service without having a domain ,so, after buying a domain name and space, ask me a way to redirect all vistors that point direct to a post or page in the old WordPress blog to the corresponding page on new [...] Continue Reading...