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Backup virtual machines with Vmware consolidated Backup

To backup entire virtual machine while are running, you have to use the VBC provided by vmware.
this is a commandline tool that speaks with your VirtualCenter and tell it to create a Snapshot of a virtual machine, then detach it and copy the vmdk files to a location.

Take a look here http://www.vmware.com/products/vi/consolidated_backup.html to understand how it work.

the sintax of the command is like this:

vcbmounter.exe -m nbd -h yourvitualcenter.yourdomain -u username -p password -a name:VMname -t fullvm -r pathwheretosave

With "-m nbd" you can backup your Vm through an ethernet instead of a FibreChannel SAN connection.


This is a shell script that I've wrote in order to backup my cisco devices configuration and to keep my backup update.


  • Automatically copy configuration via tftp.
  • Compare previous configurations with new downloaded with "diff" command.
  • Send email alert if configuration change and attach to alert new and old configurations.
  • Always keep a backup copy.


Uncompress the archive in a place like /opt/ciscobk
Take a look to ciscobk.sh in order to correct paths according to your configuration
Open etc/ciscobk/ciscobk.conf and put ip addresses of your Cisco device
Open etc/ciscobk.mail and type here mail addresses that'll receive mail alert

HowTo configure Cisco device:

First of all I'm assuming that you know what you're doing...I'm not responsible if you destroy your running config then "wr"...
Ok, we're ready, go in enable mode and simply type

myrouter# conf t
myrouter# tftp-server nvram:startup-config
myrouter# wr

Now your Cisco device is ready to serve his configuration to anyone; I recommend to use ACL's to prevent somebody hack your router...