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Debian GNU/Linux as Enterprise Desktop #2 – iSeries Access

iSeries access is needed if you have an AS400 or Iseries, so we can start installing...

You need the following packages:


install with apt-get or what way you want, then you need to create a file like


that must contain this line:


Now run

user@linux$ sudo ldconfig

Edit file /etc/locale.gen and uncomment line for your lang (for me is “it_IT ISO-8859-1” )
And generate languages with :

root@linux#  locale-gen 

Now setup general emulator options

user@linux$ /opt/ibm/iSeriesAccess/bin/setup5250 

(especialy to column separator)

You are finished... now you can run session with:

user@linux$ /opt/ibm/iSeriesAccess/bin/ibm5250 -LANGID "your_lang" "as400_system"

where "your_lang" is language you specified before in /etc/locale.gen, for me is IT_it
and "as400_system" is ip address or hostname of yout iSeries.

Debian GNU/Linux as Enterprise Desktop #1

today I want to tell you how I've deployed my first linux Client in our network.

The goal is to have a "stable" client joined in our active directory domain with all standard application used so let's start.

The first things to do after installing and "tuning" the system, removing all not-useful apps is to join this workstation to the Active directory domain...no, don't worry.... there's a great tool from Likewise that help you.
Download the DEB package (I've used Bitrock installer) for both command line version (required) and GUI (optional but useful) and install first the CLI then the GUI.
Be sure you can ping your domain controller and run as root:


fill all requested field, and join your domain.
Now to login with your "domain account" you have to use the format "domain\username"....this suck, but there's a solution;
edit the file /etc/likewise/lsassd.conf and uncomment the line:
assume-default-domain = yes
edit also /etc/samba/smb.conf and change the default "workgroup" value with your domain name.

Stay tuned;
next time I'll explain how to install and configure Lotus notes "native" and IBM Iseries access for linux.