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Change Windows server 2008 R2 language

To change, or add a language in a Windows Server 2008 R2 system, you need to download a language pack ISO from Microsoft download site.

You can find it here
Then you need to install it; but Microsoft documentation if obscure on this argument....

The faster way is to execute this command lpksetup from Start->Run

and choose the cab file from the language pack dir you want add.

That's all, follow the instruction an you are done.

Schedule a reboot

If you need to schedule a reboot on your windows server 2k3 you can simply

create a new batch or CMD file with this code inside:

shutdown -r -f -c "Shutdown to refresh buggy program"

and then use the "scheduled tasks" utility to plan the reboot...

Serial Datalogger Service

I've wrote this very very simple tool to log CIL data from our PABX;

you can use it as you want, because it read data from the serial port an write it to a text file in c:\program files\sdl\data

It run as a windows service, so you don't have to login to the pc to start it.


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